My First Day at School is remarked every year in the various basic schools across the country to mark the beginning of each academic year.

The main aim of the visit by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) and Education Directorate officials to the various schools in the municipalities is to monitor enrolment of fresh pupils as school resumes for 2023/2024 academic year.

Some of the schools visited in the municipality were Juaben Islamic Primary School, Yaw Nkrumah Duwaa M/A Primary school, Yeboakrom Basic School.

And the rest were Nobewam M/A Primary School, Peminase M/A Primary School, Achiase Methodist Primary School, Nsonyamey3 M/A Primary School and Nyameade M/A Primary School.

The Municipal Chief Executive for Juaben, Mr. Omane Aboagye motivated and also welcomed the newly admitted pupils at basic schools especially kindergarten and primary pupils.

He admonished the pupils to avoid watching television at all time but rather concentrate on their books to become great scholars in future.

Mr. Omane Aboagye continued that, the Municipality has a good second cycle school so therefore they should learn hard and pass their exams well and continue their education in the Municipality and once they study well, they can become President, MCE, Engineers, Doctors Teachers, Lawyers, Media Practitioners etc.

The Municipal Education Director, Madam Phyllis Boateng praised the pupils for their numbers on the first day school reopened. She also advised them to obey their parents and guardians and also respect their teachers too.

Some assorted drinks, toffees and biscuits were distributed to the kindergartens as a source of encouragement.

Other items were teaching and learning materials such as pencils, sharpeners, erasers and exercise books as a package of motivation from the Municipal Assembly.

The Headmaster of Yaw Nkrumah Duwaa M/A Primary school expressed his gratitude to the MCE and the Education Directorate officials for their visit to the various schools in the Municipality. He therefore appealed to the MCE to support the education sector with teaching and learning materials that are affecting them.

-Information Desk, JMA

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