Hundreds of youth of Juaben have massed up at the premises of the Juaben Municipal Assembly, threatening
to deal with members of the Assembly for rejecting the President’s nominee for the position of Municipal Chief Executive (MCE).
The irate youth said they would not allow the Assembly Members to stagnate the development of the Municipality because of their interests.
Police personnel deployed to maintain peace and order ahead of the confirmation have formed a human wall at the entrance of the Assembly to prevent the youth from having access to the hall.
The police have also called for reinforcement from Kumasi to be able to contain the huge crowd as they make efforts to escort the Assembly Members out of the building.
This is the second time they have rejected Mr. Alex Sarfo Kantanka, who is the current Constituency Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).
Only 10 out of the 26-member assembly voted yes while 15 voted no, with one ballot being rejected.

The atmosphere at the precincts of the Assembly remains tense as more youth continue to throng the place to vent their spleen on the Assembly Members.
It would be recalled that today’s exercise was originally scheduled for Friday, October 29, but the Assembly Members boycotted the exercise because they felt threatened by the heavy police and military presence.

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