Yeboakrom community in the Juaben Municipality got electricity from a solar system built by a donor from the Technical University of Munich Seed Centre.

According to Prof. Rexford Asaase Oppong, a Senior Lecturer and head of Architecture department at KNUST, this project was built on behalf of the Technical University of Munich seed centre.

Prof. Asaase disclosed that when they first visited the community, they realized that the people already had water powered by solar and the whole community was made up of about six hundred (600) people with about a hundred (100) houses not having electricity and yet the amount of agricultural produce that came from this community was making a contribution to national development and this motivated them to build such a project for the community.

He continued that from Duampompo community to Yeboakrom is about a 10-minute drive but due to poor road network, the team alighted at Boamadumase and had to walk to Yeboakrom and this shows that power or energy alone cannot develop a community when other infrastructure are not in place and therefore appealed to governmental agencies to bring their efforts together to support the construction of the road.

Prof. Asaase also said that for someone to leave his country and use his/her money to build such project for others, such infrastracture has to be maintained in order for it to last long. December this year would be exactly two (2) years since the project was initiated to provide the community with electricity so the community has to make preparations to take charge of the project in terms of the financial aspect next year.

Mrs Julian who is the project financier also said she is so proud and excited to see the project she supported with Technical University of Munich seed centre. She inspected the project and the entire community with people from nine (9) Universities from different countries.

The Municipal Chief Executive for Juaben Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti Region, Mr. Omane Aboagye applauded the Technical University of Munich seed centre and department of Architecture at KNUST for such a beautiful project in his municipality since electricity is the basic needs for mankind.

Mr. Omane also urged the residents of Yeboakrom to take good care of the project to make it last long so that more donors will come to their aid for other matters.

He said the poor road network would be tackled soon after the completion of Kubease to Juaben road, Boamadumase to Amangoase is the second phase to make good standard of living for the communities around.

Nana Omane II, Chief of Yeboakrom expressed his profound gratitude to Mrs Julian, Technical University of Munich seed centre and Prof. Rexford Asaase Oppong for initiating this project for his community.

Nana promised his community will make good use of the facility and also appealed to the government and Technical University of Munich to come to their aid again for their uncompleted clinic to be completed and this would help his community stay healthy.

-By Information Desk, Juaben Municipal Assembly

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