The Juaben Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti Region has failed to elect Presiding Member (PM) after two rounds of voting.

The incumbent, Mr Joseph Asare polled 17 votes while his only contender, Mr Kwadwo Sarpong, a government appointee polled seven votes in both rounds, compelling the Municipal Electoral Officer, Mr Emmanuel Akwasi Amponsah to postpone the meeting.

A winner, according to the Electoral Officer, must have at least 18 votes which constitute two-thirds of the 27-members Assembly. In effect, the incumbent needed only one more vote to secure re-election, but supporters of Mr Sarpong remained resolute behind their candidate.

Members are therefore expected to reconvene in 10 days to determine who becomes the next PM for the Assembly. The election of the PM forms part of preparations to pave way for the election a Municipal Chief Executive for Juaben which has been without an MCE for about two years now.

The President has nominated Mr Omane Aboagye for the position of MCE and the election for his confirmation or otherwise can only take place after election of a new Presiding Member (PM).

By: Daniel Akwasi Nuako, Information Officer Juaben Municipal Assembly
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